4th EOD/IED & Countermine Symposium

Combating the Global & Homeland IED Threat through Joint Operations

November 7-8, 2016

Mary M. Gates Learning Center, Alexandria, VA

The only whole-of-Government IED event bringing together DoD, DHS, Federal Agencies & local/civil bomb technicians. The 2016 EOD/IED & Countermine Symposium will bring together the mission relevant representatives in our neutral “townhall” forum in order to focus on current and future C-IED/EOD initiatives that support battlefield operations, homeland defense, and peacekeeping operations.




2016 Confirmed Keynote Speakers Include:


CAPT Vincent R. Martinez, USN, Commanding Officer, Indian Head EOD Technology Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center



* COL Jonathan B. Slater, USA, Product Manager Counter Explosive Hazard, PM CCS



 *  Jon Young, J8 Division Chief, JIDO




COL Chartier

* COL (Ret.) Daniel M. Chartier, USA, Counter-IED and Countermine Portfolio Manager, DoD Unexploded Ordnance Center of Excellence


LtCol Jamie Wagner, USMC, C-IED Branch Head, FPID, CDD, CD&I




COL Charles G. Phillips, USADirector, The Counter Explosive Hazards Center, U.S. Army Engineer School


CAPT John B. Moulton, USN, Commodore, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Group 2, Navy Expeditionary Combat Command

Download Agenda for Full Speaking Roster


Previous Event Iteration Attendees From:

Strategic Operational Solutions, US Army Military District of Washington, National Center for Explosives, DTRA Combating Terrorism Division, JIDA, Lockheed Martin, CTTSO, Counter Explosive Hazards Center, Inert Products, MorphoTrust USA, American Systems, Department of Homeland Security, AS&E, Mercury Systems, Expeditionary Programs and Logistics, Airbus Defense & Space Inc., National Defense University, EHS Technologies, Technical Systems Integration, DND/RCN, Center for Improvised Explosives/IMPEX, Yorktown Systems Group Inc., NATO, C-IEA USA, Piasecki Aircraft Corporation, NSTec US DOE, PDM Counter Explosive Hazard/PEO Ammunition, Arlington Country Police Department, EOD Warrior Foundation, US Supreme Court, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Close Combat Systems, Kestrel Corporation, 20th CBRNE Command, Massachusetts State Hazardous Material Team, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head EOD Technology Division, Joint Program Office for Countering IED-FBI, Homeland Response Force, Marine Corps System Command, Metropolitan Police Department, Office of Bombing Prevention, HQMC, Allen Vanguard International, Pearson Engineering, Marine Corps Intelligence Activity, PEO Land Systems, USI, Murtech Inc., HSARPA, NSA, JGW Group, Northrop Grumman, US Naval Research Laboratory, NSWC Dahlgren Division, MAPPS, PAE, US Bomb Data Center, SMDC/Gomez Research Associates, Sierra Nevada Corporation, BAE Systems, Technical Development and Mission Support DHS, Unexploded Ordnance Center of Excellence, IED Countermeasures and Procedures, Alakai Defense Systems, ROK Joint Staff Explosive Hazards Office, Center for Technology and National Security Policy, and many more – over 125 total!

Exhibit & Sponsorship Opportunities:

The EOD/IED & Countermine Symposium provides opportunities including exhibit space, round table discussions, product demonstrations, and networking receptions.

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Topics to Be Covered This Year

– Coordinating Intergovernmental and Interagency Counter-IED Efforts
– Next Generation Information Sharing and Reporting Methods for IED Incidents
– Advancing EOD Initiatives to Support Render Safe Capabilities for the Warfighter
– Defining Acquisition Priorities for Effective IED Countermeasures and Operations
– Leveraging Private Sector Collaboration to Support Enhanced Counter-IED Operations
– Near and Future R&D Efforts to Advance Detection and Neutralization Capabilities
– Addressing EOD/IED Challenges in Asymmetrical Warfare Environments
– Integrating Advanced Countermine Capabilities for Expeditionary Forces
– Enhancing Threat Network Identification Capabilities
– Methods to Mitigate Homemade Explosive Incidents for Greater Homeland Security


Why should you attend the 2016 Symposium?

There is perhaps no greater threat to the United States’ ability to conduct battlefield operations and defense of the homeland than that of the IED. The low-cost, and destructive nature of IEDs has proven to be an ongoing threat affecting militaries, service members, and civilians worldwide. Developing strategies to counter the use of IEDs is dependent upon the ability of the U.S. Government to implement an all-of-nation approach to defeating the IED threat.

Due to the fact that IEDs can be comprised of various explosive components, their very nature is constantly changing, which gives adversaries a competitive edge on the battlefield. In order to curb this strategic edge, it is imperative to foster international cooperation to provide global access to IED defeat technology for greater transparency of the threat network.

The 2016 IED/EOD & Countermine Symposium brings together a whole-of-government approach with both military and civil offices, key leaders in industry with the sole objective of advancing the mission critical needs of each community when considering IED defeat.

DSI’s team specializes in the extensive research and development of our Summits’ content and focus areas, and we will assemble the most respected minds in the IED/EOD community both military and civil offices, along with key leaders in industry. Our non-partisan approach allows us to reach across all involved organizations to bring together a truly holistic group of decisions makers and solution providers.

At Our Summit You Will Have the Ability to:

Gain Education & Insight: Walk away with knowledge gained from our senior level speakers on some of the most complex issues facing the IED community.

Build Partnerships: The agenda is designed to allow for ample networking opportunities and the ability to discover some of the latest technologies to effectively and efficiently transform EOD/IED & Countermine force.

 Influence: Help foster ideas! Share your own insight and knowledge during our interactive sessions. Our town hall format is your opportunity to address our speakers with questions or comments on the current mission.

Operating Guidance For Government Attendees: 

DSI’s Symposium directly supports DoD, DHS, and public sector priorities by providing a conduit for officials to efficiently reach audiences outside of their respective offices that directly impact their department’s mission success, at no charge to the government, and in an efficient expenditure of time.

DSI’s Symposium will provide a forum to address and improve internal and external initiatives, meet with and hear from partner organizations, disseminate vital capability requirements to industry, increase visibility within the larger community, and generally support their mission.

The Summit is open and complimentary to all DoD and Federal employees and is considered an educational and training forum. (Industry and Academia members are charged a fee for admission)

||Event is CLOSED to PRESS / There are NO Recordings||
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 Advisory Board


DSI strives to provide the most up to date, mission relevant, topics and discussion points for our meetings. In order to assure that we are providing the best subject content possible, our Advisory Board Members have volunteered to share their respective insight and expertise with us. We are truly grateful to have their support and guidance as we strive to continually create truly effective meetings and events for all. Learn more about our Advisory Board Members.