It’s about sustainment, integration, doing more with less and maximizing shrinking budgets. ADS’s comprehensive industry knowledge and vast network of supplier partners allows them to help you identify and procure the best solution to overcome whatever challenges you face. You can count on ADS to get you ready for anything. adsinc.com/


Chemical identification with the 1064nm Raman advantage of Progeny ResQ! Rapidly identify explosives, chemical warfare agents, precursors, toxic chemicals, narcotics, and more.  With an expandable library of over 12,500 substances, and an integrated camera for evidence documentation, Progeny ResQ provides the industry’s most comprehensive chemical identification in a handheld form.  The onboard 4C software monitors precursors and warns the user if a larger threat manufacturing recipe may be indicated and allows your teams to respond with confidence.  No charge 24/7/365 support and software/library updates for the life of the unit are included. www.rigaku.com/en


BCTL Co. is a veteran owned software company.  Our mission is to be the world leader in providing data collection, geolocation and reporting software products for Department of Defense and Commercial clients. Planning, Execution and Reporting are optimized utilizing MYSTIC products in the field where operations are streamlined, project oversight and workflow reporting are made more efficient. Reach BCTL Co. at +1 (727) 787-2071 contact@bctluxo.com mystichq.com


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Concept Development Corporation is a Vietnam Veteran Owned Corporation which has taken the lead in developing new, innovative EOD products, including: CarboneFire10 Tactical Disrupter, CarbonFire10 Robot Adapter System, MagFire Breech, RTS Robot and EOD-XP Ammunition. www.EOD-Technologies.com


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Grey Innovation Pty Ltd: Grey Innovation is a commercialisation technology company based in Melbourne, partnering with Universities and research institutes in Australia and Germany. We develop innovative technologies in Health, Security & Safety and Environmental fields, encompassing Internet of Things and Big Data. The GreyScan technology is focused on identifying trace amounts of inorganic explosives commonly found in homemade explosives. GreyScan units are being trialled in real threat environments where the ability to detect trace levels of inorganic explosives in less than a minute could prove life-saving. http://greyscandetection.com 


Point One prepares war fighters and first responders to counter IED and WMD threats through cutting-edge training curriculum, exercise development and support, Test and Evaluation services, and with high-fidelity training products. Our services and products span the entire operational spectrum of EOD mission sets by combining the science, operations, and experience critically important to all EOD and Special Operations tasks.  The maxim, “Train hard—fight easy” is at the core of our approach; whether in the classroom, during practical exercises, in the laboratory or on the range, our services and products embody this mindset.  From our vast array of mission-oriented, AO-specific, and Underwater training devices, to our revolutionary training curriculums and exercise methodology, Point One leads the way in preparing and equipping the current-day operator for the ever-changing and evolving IED/WMD threats that have now become reality!

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The Office for Bombing Prevention (OBP) leads the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) efforts to implement the National Policy for Countering Improvised Explosive Devices(National Counter-IED policy) and enhance the nation’s ability to prevent, protect against, respond to, and mitigate the use of explosives against critical infrastructure; the private sector; and federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial entities.




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