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JIDA To Become JIDO Under Defense Threat Reduction Agency

IED harm around the world: key findings from our explosive violence dataset
5 years of AOAV explosive violence data: 91% killed or injured in populated areas civilians
Explosive violence in June 2016
AOAV presents data on the humanitarian harm of IEDs at the United Nations
Counter-IED Training Prepares Soldiers for Unexpected
Trainers in Iraq Focus on IED Detection
RIMPAC 2016 international maritime exercise to begin on 30 June
Pentagon Testing Small Robot to Help Hunt Naval Mines
IARPA Wants a Hand-held Laser Gun That Can Detect Chemicals 100 Feet Away
Empowering Afghan Citizens to Counter IED Threats
Lockheed Martin’s Latest Counter-IED System to Support Partner Nations
Pentagon wants injection of $20mn to fight ISIS drones


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